Energy self-sufficient Treatment Plant

Hamburg Wasser operates the central water treatment plant in the area Hamburg at the locations Köhlerbrandhöft and Dradenau. Two wind energy sites with 2500 kW each ensure the energy self-sufficient operation of the treatment plant.
With the commissioning of the 4 Mvar reactive current compensation delivered by us and the superordinate regulation in december 2012 one of the most modern plant with some technical peculiarities entert service after a testing phase of only one week, the peculiarities are:

  • The enormous starting currents of the preassure pumps are compensated with a delay of typically 20ms on the 10 kV level with a thyristor controlled reactive current compensation. 
  • The slowly fluctuating reactive current requirements are distributed energetically optimal to the reactive current compensation and the reactive current ressources of both wind energy plants by the regulation.
  • All operation parameters and readings are forwarded to the operation and guidance technology on the customer's side prepared accordingly.