Just fallen in love and already engaged: Hurricane "Friederike" & the active grid voltage regulator "OSKAR" are forming a trouble-free relationship – January 18th 2018

On the 18th of January 2018 Hurricane Friederike did heavily affect the German power grid. Many unwished events, as for example trees falling on high voltage power lines, destabilized the power grid throughout Germany. Just at one of our customers, “Borbet Leichtmetallfelgen” a whopping number of 31 voltage dips of up to 35 % occurred in the time from 11 am to 6 pm.

From a measurement perspective, hurricane Friederike provided our engineers optimal possibilities to verify the capability of the active grid voltage regulator OSKAR. Such a quantity of individual grid events within a 7-hour period to access the full performance of the system is not very common. 

The OSKAR (400 Volt, 345 kVA, 35% voltage correction) installed at “Borbet” was able to correct all voltage dips (< 2 milliseconds) in real time, as desired. The through OSKAR secured voltage supply of the connected alloy rim production line had eventually been the only line on which during the hurricane a disturbance-free production had been possible. 

Condensator Dominit customets trhougout Germany, whose OSKAR measurement data have not been completely analyzed by our engineers at this point, have been able to confirm the zero-defect production of their systems.

Within the following report the engagement of Friederike with our OSKAR has been captured with the real-time grid analyzer system PQube3.

In the lower part is the suddenly occurring grid event visible:

A 35% voltage dip which (As you can see in the upper measurement field) is corrected by the active grid voltage regulator within 1.9 milliseconds.


The Condensator Dominit team congratulates the united happiness of OSKAR & Friederike and wishes all the best for the future.