A lot of power in a small space - the MIKA C-Bank


The above mentioned compensation plant with a detuning of 7% and a power of 1.2 Mvar at the 6.3kV level was customized for a customer in the cement industry for the limited space available.
With only 1.4m² the system has a very small footprint and therefor an enormous power density. Comparable closet systems would require ca. 2.5m².
Due to the open design and the layout of the components a thermic ideal system has been designed aswell, which can be put in operation without forced cooling. Unsymmetric monitoring was chosen for the online monitoring of the capacitor bank. Due to the constant matching of the two star points it offers the best protection for medium voltage compansation plants.
All in all a customer specific solution true to the motto:

„What does not fit, will be made to fit!“