For 2.5 years OSKAR® secures the production at Borbet lightweight wheels

In 2014 we realized a test project in relation with our dynamic grid voltage regulator OSKAR® in cooperation with the car industry supplier "Borbet" and the grid operating company "westnetz".

The company "Borbet" from the Sauerland is the leading german manufaturer of lightweight metal wheels. The global-player supplier of the car industry produces on 8 different locations and has a total of 4100 employees.

The location in Hallenberg-Hesborn consists of a complete production line from the foundry over hardening, X-Ray, stamping, machining, paint shop up to the final quality controll.

To test the effectiveness of the dynamic and grid securing voltage regulator OSKAR®, an allready existing assembly line was expanded with this production securing measure.

On the 23rd of December 2014 our OSKAR® was put into operation in Hesborn, to ensure an interference-free production.
Allready on the 19th of May 2015 at 6:15 AM a thunderstorm caused a short-circuit in the 110 kV grid.
The negative effects of this could be observed in the whole Hochsauerlandkreis.

Borbet - location in Hesborn - noticed a voltage dip of 25% to a remaining voltage of 300 V.



(top: Voltage after, bottom: before OSKAR®)

Almost all production lines experienced interruptions. Large parts of the production, including the new coating line, stopped and had to be restarted.

Only the production line 8, which was secured by OSKAR®, worked without interruptions or faults. Due to the fast online voltage correction by OSKAR® - with a reaction tinme under 250 µs - costly downtimes and start up wastes have been avoided.



A regular analysis of the acitve plant shows that this has not been an isolated case.

In Febuary 2017 Borbet experienced a 30.5% voltage dip over the duration of 89 ms which has been successfully corrected effortlessly bei OSKAR®.

After the read out of the grid analyzer PQube3 the effective correction measure became visible:



89 ms voltage dip and 0 seconds fall out on an entire production line:

Only OSKAR® (Online Voltage Correction with adaptive Regulation) is so efficient. 

A GridClass®-product of the company Condensator Dominit.