Garbage Incineration Plant

A garbage incineration plant uses the energy released by the incineration process to create water vapor which is used to generate electricity with a turbine. At the plant of our power plant customer motors which ran fixed to the mains have been replaced with new powerfull motors with frequency converters to better controll garbage transport cranes, blowers and many other garbage reproduction aggregates. Due to this massive use of frequency converters a not sinusoidal current was taken from the grid. The resulting high levels of harmonics greatly exceeded the compability levels of the regulations, which meant that plants could fall out and the warranty claims towards the suppliers of the plants would be non-applicable. Furthermore a smooth operationin the plant and a reversal of the burden of proof against the suppliers of the machines was not possible witout the voltage quality adhering to regulations. In order to get an industrial grid adhering to the regulations of the EMC-enviromental-class 3, the total harmonic distortions of the voltage of 15% had to be brought to the regulated levels under 10%. Our voltage controlled harmonic filters of the SOFIA® production line were used in that. opposed to a customary active filter it is the economicaly and technologicly better choice. Due to the very low power discipation of a SOFIA® filter a more powerfull air conditioning inside the cabinets was unnecessary. The easy plug-and-play commissioning did not requirey time consuming software optimization (opposed to every active filter).

  • small space requirements
  • due to voltage controll upstream grids are relieved aswell
  • minor maintanance costs
    (i.e. low usage of fans, which have to be replaced regularly)
  • current transformers are not needed

To record the improvement of the voltage quality precisely, a grid analysis was conducted before and after the commissioning, the results of that can be found following. The graphics showthe measured levels of harmonics, the allowed compability levels are shown with lines colored in magenta. In the second picture - without SOFIA® - the violations of the regulations i.e. of the 5th, 11th and 13th harmonic are clearly visible.To bring the voltage quality in the entire plant to levels which are at least according to regulations, Condensator Dominit was brought in with a concept with a total of 6 SOFIA® plants connected to 4 transformer stations (4 cabinets for the 5th harmonic + 2 cabinets for the 7th and 11th harmonics). For comparison a solution with active filters would have reqired 12 cabinets connected to 8 transformer stations!The third picture, grid with SOFIA® filters, shows that a reduction in the distortions from 12% to 6% for the 5th harmonic was measured. All other measured values were and are far under the allowed compability levels.

Due to the use of our SOFIA® production line the most efficient solution could be realised.
That with only half the reqired space and a quarter of the power dissipation compared to active filters.


Please understand that we won't state any company names due to customer protection.
But we can proudly say that our customer is greatly satisfied with the realisation and the results.