Paper Industry

Example 1

A french paper manufacturer required central compensation for his plant .
The exiting buildings offered no more space for the installation, it was decided to realise the task with a housed compensation equipment. Our stainless-steel station of the type WCOMP offers the customer exactly due to their needs - a lot of power compensation is available in a small enclosed space.
Two automatically regulated systems, with 5 Mvar in 2 steps at the 15 kV Level each, have been installed.


Example 2

After extensive measurements and calculations the customer (a large paper manufacturer in Bavaria) decided to install a 10kV central compensation in their plant. A space and cost optimised solution was required and an interface to the central process controll system to transmit power data aswell as compensation equipment data should be exchanged. The onsite mounting effort was to be held small.
The automatically regulated compensation equipment of type RCOMP was delivered in 2015 and only two transport units were required per compensation step.
The MV components were placed in an enclosed space and the controll and monitoring system in seperate room. The visualisation on a touchpane displays all important equipment information aswell as power data via symbols.
All the information and controll actions are accessable via webinterface.