Research and Development

A large research and development company operates many engine test benches in it's grid. A disproportionate number of malfunctions is occuring for quite some time now, resulting in running tests being cancelled by the Regulation, meaning they can't be performed or finished correctly. The Problem is more specifically that the motor protection relais trigger due to excess current (and have to be reset by Hand) and the associated device is powered off. The motor protection relais serve as excess current protection of the passive Input filters used in the converters.

Measurements of the grid WITHOUT filter, NOT ACCORDING TO NORM EN 61000-2-4 (part of the measurement report):

Measurements of the grid WITH filter, ACCORDING TO NORM 61000-2-4 (part of the measurement report):

Final result due to the use of GridClass®-Technology (part of the measurement report):

The filter concept, consisting of voltage controlled passive and current controlled active filters, reduces every interference above th 17th order significantly.

All voltage Levels between the 2nd and 50th order are below tolerance levels according to Regulation EN 61000-2-4, class 2. The grid conditions are there for according to Standards. Noteworthy voltage levels can no longer emerge due to the broadband effect of the filter Action on the complex grid impendance. The quality of the supplying voltage is therefore improved verifiable and significantly with the help of the filters.

View of the complete filter :system