Grid Simulation

Our large voltage-optimizing product portfolio naturally also includes the complex topic of simulating industrial and distribution networks (LV, HV). The service includes in particular:

  • Simulation of complete high, medium and low voltage networks
  • Load flow calculations
  • Short circuit calculations
  • Analyses of harmonics with harmonic load flow
  • Calculation of network impedance (e.g. to determine resonance points)
  • Dynamic simulations in the time domain (EMT) to represent the waveform of voltage u(t) and current i(t)
    z. E.g., for switching operations or load jumps

This makes it possible to identify potential power quality problems and production downtime risks in advance or during the project planning phase and to react to them in a targeted manner in good time. For example, it is possible to detect at an early stage whether a transformer for supplying a network has been dimensioned too small or too large - in terms of the rated power. The same applies, of course, to generators. Furthermore, the effect of filtering measures can be calculated and evaluated in detail when it comes to creating standard-compliant network conditions or generally reducing interference potentials.

General Information

Simulation software of the company DIgSILENT PowerFactory 2021:

PowerFactory is a world-leading integrated network calculation software for the calculation of generation, transmission, distribution and industrial networks. It covers the entire functional spectrum from standard functions to extremely complex and demanding applications which include wind power, distributed generation, real-time simulation and performance monitoring for grid testing and monitoring.

If you have any questions about grid simulations and PowerQuality, please contact Mr. Juhani Jaatinen:

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