SΦFIA®mod H7/H11

Actively controlled harmonic filter in modular design

SΦFIA®mod is an actively controlled harmonic filter in modular design. It features automatic impedance control, with which the filter independently adjusts the suction effect exerted on the network. Previously, it was necessary to know all of the customer‘s network data and have the filter designed by an expert in order to design voltage-controlled filters. Condensator Dominit has integrated this expert knowledge into the control electronics. SΦFIA®mod is voltage-controlled, therefore no on-site current transformers are required and the function is also guaranteed in meshed networks with harmonic generators distributed throughout the network.

Safe your grid with SΦFIA®mod!

rated voltage 3 x 400 V
rated frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 3 Hz
filter current, -frequency 50 A, 350 Hz / 30 A, 550 Hz
losses < 1.000 W
ambient temperature 0 / +40° C, 24 St.-Mittel. ≤ 35° C
fans intern
degree of protection IP 20
dimensions (WXDXH) 228 X 470 X 1512 mm
weight (app.) 150 kg
cable infeed from bottom
connections L1, L2, L3 and PE
control voltage 230 V extern
HRC output (on side) 3 X 100 A gG
connection cross-section 4 x 50 mm2 (NYY)
different designs  
SOF-CNS SOFIA®mod-400 / 50-50/30 A-H7/H11-SLAVE without HMI as expansion unit for H5

If you have questions about the product SOFIA®mod, please contact Mr. S. Amir-Araghi:

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