Modular intelligent active Filters

We develop and manufcture our modular inelligent active Filters in Germany.

The Product family MιA® from Condensator Dominit GmbH is the newest generation of current controlled active filters which maximize values and
 minimize losses.

Frequency converters and other energy efficient solutions play a substantial role in our energy transition policy. Unfortunately, because this kind of equipment has a non-linear U-I-characteristic, it causes critical system perturbations by harmonics. Active filters provide reduction of harmonic currents, reactive power, flicker minimization and grid balancing.

These provisions are necessary in grids, where the perturbations lead to non-compliance with relevant standards. EN 50160 describes the perturbation types for public low- and medium voltage distribution networks. These compatability level guidelines state the minimum requirements for a long-term fault-free operation of consumers in the grid. EN 61000-2-4 describes simultaneously the compatibility levels in the industrial grid. EMC Class 2 of this standard is compliant with EN 50160. Devices for public grids may therefore operate in class 2 industrial grids.

If compliance levels given in standards are exceeded, malfunctions of production relevant machines and control systems can occur. Suppliers of these devices are then free to withhold the warranty and they are not liable for damage claims. MιA® provides the necessary conformity with standards in your distribution system and therefore guards against disturbances, failures and loss of warranty and rights of compensation.

Protect your grid with MιA®!

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Nominal grid voltage400 V - 690 V, ± 15 %
Rated frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 3 Hz
Connection3-Phase alternating current + PE
Grid configurationTN, TT, IT
Comensation modesharmonic current compensation up to 53rd order (individually programmable, dynamic), reactive power compensation (ind. / cap. – each dynamic or static) flicker-reduction, load balancing
Parametrisationwith 7 inches colour-touchscreen, integrated webserver, optional with MιA® configuration- and maintenance-software for PC
InterfacesEthernet, USB, Modbus TCP
Digital inputs3 (parametrized)
Relay outputs2 (alarm, filter ON)
Inverter3-level IGBT with DC voltage link and reduced losses
Reaction time32 µs
ActivationSteuer-Computer mit 3 Signalprozessen
Losses< 2,0 % of rated power (full power, harmonic compensation)
 < 1,0 % of rated power (full power, reactive power compensation)
 < 0,1 % of rated power in standby
Enviromental conditions-10 °C … + 55 °C,  derating above 40 °C with 2 % / K,  95 % rel. humidity, not condensing, Installation heigth up to 2000 m above sea-level without derating 
Overload capability10 ms auf 180 % des Nennstromes
Data logging3-phasige Messung über bauseitige Stromwandler, Closed Loop oder Open Loop
Current transformers (on site)xx / 1 A, 5 VA, class 1 or better
PaintingCover RAL5040, wall bracket RAL7035, robust powder coating
Degree of protectionIP 66 according IEC 60529, NEMA 4, for indoor use
ExecutionRittal cubicle TS8, infeed from bottom, connection for cooling water at the top
CoolingRittal cubicle TS8, infeed from bottom, connection for cooling water at the top Water cooling, connection ISO RP 3/4“, approx. 25l/min., max. 30 degree C flow temperature, PN10, cooling water from the site is filtered through a stainless steel heat exchanger (indirect water cooling)
Dimensions (W x D x H)800 x 600 x 2000 mm without socket / water connection
Power modules1234
Rated current per phase140 A280 A420 A560 A
Rated power at 690 V167 kVA334 kVA501 kVA668 kVA
Weight approx.360 kg470 kg580 kg690 kg
Empfohlene bauseitige     
Recommended on-site 
pre-fuses gG/gL or CB
200 A400 A630 A 800 A