The MIКA FILT series is specially configured solution for projects requiring high power indoors and outdoors.

Medium voltage components, particularly at voltages > 20 kV, often have a large footprint area, maybe because of the mechanical dimensions or the required iron-free areas or the prescribed safety distances. Therefore, the IP00 version often is the most cost effective or technologically the most appropriate solution. Outdoor applications exclusively use air-core reactors. Indoor systems also come with iron-core reactor.

Filter circuits of type FILT are always specifically tailored to the requirements in the customer’s grid and are highly effective in such grids due to their exact rating.

Special applications such as tele command blocking filter or inductive compensation can also be provided.


  • Up to 110 kV
  • Ideal for applications requiring high power > 5 Mvar
  • IP00 for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Air-core or iron-core reactors
  • Unbalance monitoring
  • Optional damping resistor
  • Optional phase current transformer
  • Optional system visualization and DMC controller

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage1 kV - 36 kV*
Control voltage230 VAC / 400 VAC / 220 VDC (fused)*
Nominal frequency50 / 60 Hz
Insulation level20 / 60 kV to 70 / 170 kV
Nominal power250 kvar to 70 000 kvar*
Type seriesG-/F- series (single-phase capacitors
with unbalance monitoring)
Design versions-F (fixed step)
 -E (with contactor for external actuation)
 -A (system with automatic control)
Tuned frequency 189 Hz (7 %)*

Filter application

LINR inrush current limiting reactor

ProtectionIP23D - IP34D*
Ambient temperature –25 °C to 40 °C*
Installation siteOutdoor
Altitude< 1000 m above sea level
Impregnating materialFaradol / Jarylec
NormIEC 60871-1 / IEC 60071 / IEC 60282-1 / VDE 101
Dimensions (W x D x H)om request
Optional Stainless steel terminal box, discharge transformer, voltage transformer, definite-time overcurrent-time protection, damping resistors, outdoor power breaker, grounding switch / breaker, DMC controller, etc.
*Other versions available on request 

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