OSKαR® - Dynamic Supply Voltage Regulator 900 kVA


OSKαR® setting new standards in power quality

Voltage dips in the electrical power supply are one of the main reasons for expensive unscheduled production outages. The voltage range of +-10 % of the nominal voltage defined in EN 50160 has to be guaranteed by the utility only in 95 % of the 10 minute average values. Incidents which are shorter than 10 minutes cannot be avoided and may not be criticized.

IEC 61000 2-8 describes the impacts of voltage dips. If the remaining voltage is less than 85 % of the nominal voltage, typically problems with frequency converters and switch-mode power supplies will occur. According to own investigations commercially available contactors are in an undefined status if the voltage goes down to 80% of nominal voltage, even if the voltage dip lasts only for one period (20 ms). Also rugged consumers like asynchronous motors will be affected if the voltage drops to less than 75 % of the nominal voltage for several periods.

OSKαR® keeps the grid voltage highly dynamic at the desired target value and the load will ride through typical voltage dips without even taking notice. Typical voltage dips will be passed through brilliantly. 

Reach a new level of power quality with OSKαR®!

System conceptmodular
Rated power900 kVA*
Nominal network voltage400 V*
Rated frequency50/60 Hz ± 5 %
Network configuration3-phase, TN
Grid short circuit powerscalable
Correction range40 % für 30 s ± 10 % continuously
Single-phase dipsfrom 40 % UN to 100 % UN for 30 s
Three-phase dipsfrom 60 % UN to 100 % UN for 30 s
from 50 % UN to   90 % UN for 20 s
Overload capability150 % IN (30 s)
Overload in bypass-mode85 kA / 10 ms
Accuracy of the output voltage≤ ± 1 %
Accuracy during voltage dips± 3 %
Reaction time0.2 ms
Transient time< halfwave
System efficiency> 98 %
CommunicationEthernet (RJ45) / FTP-Server / Mail-Server
Parametrization/Analysistouch panel / Log-SD-Card / Mail
Degree of protectionIP 20*
Ambient temperature0 °C (min.), 40 °C (max.)
Dimensions (w x d x h)800 x 1.800 x 2282 mm back to back;
alternative 2.000 x 800 x 2282 mm side by side
Weightca. 2350 kg
Power connectionfrom the bottom, from the site, from behind,
Busbar connection with additional side cabinet
Height of connection pointsincoming 800 mm, outgoing 370 mm
Door hingesright
OptionsMaintenance bypass for bridging the system,
 Measuring device for independent analysis Class A
* Other ratings on request 
  Subject to changes

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