CLMD - Fixed Capacitor Standard

The CLMD fixed capacitor is particularly suitable for compensation on site i.e. directly on the electrical equipment which generates reactive power (such as electric motors, transformers). It can also be used where capacitors have to fulfil high mechanical requirements.

The CLMD power capacitor consists of a number of single-phase cylindrical windings made of metallized polypropylene foil. Each element contains an internal winding fuse according to the IPE principle. The individual self-healing capacitors are installed together with cooling plates in a common sheet metal housing with fireproof granulate filling.



• Wired ready for connection
• Mechanically robust and compact  con struction
• Robust unbreakable terminals
• Easy installation
• Mounting in any position
• Protection degree IP 42 or IP 54
• Terminals fitted with discharge resis tors
• Leakproof and environmental friendly dry capacitor
• Self-healing capacitors with patented winding protection
• Light in weight, no hoisting equipment required

Rated power2,5 to 120 kvar
Rated voltage400 V, 525 V, 690 V
ProtectionIP 42 or IP 54
FinishRAL 7032

Other voltages, frequencies and power-ratings on request

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