CLMK, CDKR - Cubicle Capacitor Banks

The CLMK and CDKR switchgear system is used as central compensation for medium reactive power requirements. Its compact construction and modular structure allows optimum installation and extension possibilities.

The bank is designed as a modular switchgear system and is ready for connection. Each cubicle has a separate power supply. The capacitors and all components required for control and protection are installed on a mounting plate. Thanks to this design the capacitor bank can be fitted with a wide range of power modules.



• Slim shape with smallest dimensions

• Easy extension by adding modular capacitor units

• Easy operation by clear cubicle design

• Easy to transport to any installation  site

• Large connecting space for cable entry from below


Capacitor Technology


• CLMD premium capacitors, details are found in the general explanation


• Aluminium cup capacitors with overpreassure breakaway

Rated power 75 to 300 kvar, extendable
Rated voltage 400 V
Protection IP 20
Finish RAL 7035

Consider later extensions for the design of the fuses and cables.
Other voltages, frequencies and power-ratings on request.

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