CLMW, CDWR - Wall mounted banks

CLMW and CDWR wall mounted banks are used as central compensation banks for low reactive power requirements.

The individual bank components are installed on a mounting plate. Each cubicle has a separate power supply. The robust sheet steel housing provides good protection against external influences.



• Slim shape with compact dimensions and light in weight

• Easy operation by clear cubicle design

• Cable connection from the bottom, optional from top



Capacitor Technology


• CLMD premium capacitors, details are found in the general explanation



• Aluminium cup capacitor with overpreassure breakaway

Rated power 7,5 to 75 kvar
Rated voltage 400 V
Protection IP 20
Finish RAL 7035

Consider later extensions for the design of the fuses and cables.
Other voltages, frequencies and power-ratings on request.

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