CLMK-L, CDKR-L - Medium size cubicles with reactor

CLMK-L and CDKR-L with reactors are used as central compensation for medium reactive power requirements in networks with harmonics. CLMK-L is specially designed for rough environmental conditions and available for networks up to 690 V.

The bank is factory mounted and tested and ready for connection. The component arrangement guarantees optimized thermal conditions. The power controller RVC switches the compensation power in steps according the actual requirements. Capacitors and reactors  are dimensioned according the step power, harmonics and remote control frequency.



• Reactor for each step dimensioned for continuous operation with harmonics

• No audio frequency block necessary in networks with remote control

• Cable entry from the bottom


Capacitor Technology


• CLMD premium capacitors, details can be found in the general explanation


• Aluminium cup capacitors with overpreassure breakaway

Rated power56,25 to 150 kvar, extendable
Rated voltage400 V
Reactor rate7 %, 12,5 % and LL1
ProtectionIP 20
FinishRAL 7035

Consider later extensions for the design of the fuses and cables.

Other voltages, frequencies and power-ratings on request.

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