Medium and high Voltage Compensation and Filters

Our Medium and high Voltage products offer you a flexible solution for different grid quality problems and requirements. From standard reactive power compensation up to dynamic filtering processes we offer you individual solutions for every challenge. The customer specific setup for indoor or outdoor use as a single component or ready to use complete system are planned and realised by us.

The products listet here are only examples as an illustration of our range of products - every system solution is configured to the customers wisches and requirements by us. Please contact us.

Capacitor Batteries

High voltage capacitor batteries are manufactured out of reliable single capacitors via Allfilm technology. Depending on power and voltage various models are possible. In the voltage range of up to 24 kV capacitor batteries can be fit with a cover to protect from touching the live parts. Models for indoor and outdoor use are available.

At small compensation performances (uo to a500 kvar) the batteries are preferably made of three phase capacitors, as a manner of protection excess preassure switches can be insatlled.

At higher compensation performances the batteries are made of single-phase capacitors. The single capacitors are then interconnected to 2 independent starpoints. To monitor the starpoints they are connect via a current transformer which monitors the current symmetry via a connected current relay.

If you have questions about our MIKA product family, please contact Mr. Manuel Schörmann:

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