The CBANK product series is the basic series of the MIКA family.

The CBANK product series is the basic series of the MIКA family. Typical appli- cations of capacitors without reactors are, for example, transformer or motor fixed compensation in grids with negligible harmonic load.

The standard product range includes individual capacitors as well as banks of up to 12 capacitor units. Systems with single-phase, 3-phase and split-phase capacitors are available. For monitoring the capacitors units, pressure switches (change over contact for reporting internal defects) can be integrate in small power systems whereas larger power systems come with an unbalance monitor with current transformer and relay.

The mechanically protection concept provides for IP00 as basic version for installation in closed electrical operating facilities, The IP54 version offers shockproofness and weather-protection, in addition.


  • simply clever
  • Economic construction
  • Robust design
  • Optimum natural cooling
  • Low-loss all-film technology
  • PCB free
  • B-/C-/E-/G series
  • Small power system with pressure switch
  • High power system with unbalance monitoring
  • Hot-dip galvanized and painted hoods
  • Optional inrush current limiting chokes

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage1 kV - 24 kV*
Nominal frequency50 / 60 Hz
Insulation level20 / 60 kV
 28 / 75 kV
 38 / 95 kV
 50 / 125 kV
Nominal power50 kvar - 9900 kvar*
Type seriesB series (B01-B03)
 (3-phase capacitors + pressure switch)
 C-Serie (C03)
 (capacitors with 2 power sections) + unbalance monitoring
 E-/G-Serie (E06, G06)
 (single-phase capacitor + unbalance monitoring)
ProtectionIPoo / IP54*
Ambient temperature–25 °C bis 40 °C*
Installation siteIndoor or outdoor
Altitude< 1000 m above sea level
Impregnating materialFaradol / Jarylec
Commodity code85.32.10.00
OptionalInrush current limiting reactors
 Terminal box for pressure switch
 IP54 housing
 TAG number
 C5-I finish

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