Your PQube®3 is an analyzer, designed to monitor electrical energy systems and enviromental conditions.

With it you can detect problems and rate the impact on the voltage qualaity, which is an important measure for the reliability of your production. Look at the PQube®3 as a Black Box for the measurement of electrical energy and voltage quality. It is a combination of a power- and energy analyzer, a grid analyzer and a digital fault recorder

It combines the best attributes of all. It is easy to operate. You transfer the data via an SD-Card or a USB-Stick, just like with a digital camera, to a computer. No special software or license is needed for this.

General Information

  • Voltage monitoring for Grids with 16,7 Hz/50 Hz/60 Hz- 400 Hz, in Single-phase systems 69 V ~ 480 V (L-N), in riple-phase systems 100 V ~ 600 V (L-L) without starpoint und 100 V ~ 830 V (L-L) with starpoint
  • Suitable fpr voltage transformers
  • 8 current inputs, 3 channels for power and energy monitoring on a triple-phase system
  • Automatic detection of grid configuration, grid voltage and rated frequency
  • 4 analog inputs, 1 digital output, 1 relay contact
  • Up to 2 sensors for temperatire/air preassure/RH optional
  • Voltage supply with 24VAC, 24 - 48VDC, PoE (Power over Ethernet) or an optional plug in power supply for 100 - 240 VAC
  • Optional USV module for ~ 30 min of backup
  • Data storage on internal 8 GB memory. removable 8 GB micro-SD card and USB interface for data transfer to a USB-Stick
  • Integrated color touch screen
  • Assembly on top-hat rail

Power Quality Monitoring, Class A Ed. 3

  • Certified according to IEC 61000-4-30, Class A, Ed. 3
  • Record rate of 512 samples-per-cycle
  • Recording of PQ events with wave form and effective value, displayed in graphs
  • Under and overvoltages, interruptions, under and overfrequency as transient recording
  • THDu, THDi & TDD; Voltage and current symmetry; Flicker level (Pinst, Pst, Plt)
  • Harmonic current and harmonic level as well as interharmonics up to the 50th order
  • Daily, weekly and monthly with minimal/middle/maximum value
  • Statistical distribution curves, histograms and more
  • Automatic creation of GIF, CSV and PQDIF files
  • Quick voltage changes (RVC)

In addition:

  • Recording in case of violation of the wave form
  • Detection and recording of 1 MHz high frequency impulses (up to 4 MHz on one channel)
  • Recording of power bound disturbances in the range of 2 kHz to 150 kHz

Energy (accuracy class 0.2/0.2s)

  • W, VA, VAR, λ, Wh, VAh, VARh. Calculates kWh in every minute!
  • Peak values over:: 1 full-wave, 1 minute, 15 minutes and more in intervalls determined by the user
  • Daily, weekly, monthly trends with load characteristics
  • Display of consumtion values - daily, weekly and monthly
  • 1 A / 5 A current monitoring through optional CTi-5 module. Or directly usable with ultra precise 333mV current sensors. The transformers meet the accuracy requirements of the IEC 62053-22 class 0.2s and ANSI C12.20 class 0.2

Process/Enviroment- Monitoring

  • Analog inputs for AC or DC aswell as a digital input for monitoring preassure, discharge, impulses and many more
  • Relay outputs programmable to events
  • Up to 2 optional enviroment sensors connectable via USB
  • Sensors can record temperature and air moisture (threshold value adjustable and sustained recording) aswell as barometric air preassure and mechanicle shock/vibration and the angle of inclination


  • Automatic email notification after an event
  • Email transmission of trends
  • Remote configuration for setup, firmwareupdate, etc.
  • Integrated network interface
  • Webserver
  • FTP data server for simple data exchange
  • Realtime data retrievable over Modbus-TCP and SNMP (v2c and v3)
  • NTP and SNTP capable for time synchronisation
  • Optional GPS synchronisation module

Configuration/Data Access:

  • 1 x USB 2.0 Port to transfer data to a USB-Stick
  • 2 x USB 1.0 Ports for enviroment sensors
  • Exchangable SD card
  • NO software needed!KEINE Software nötig!

If you have questions about our grid analyzier PQube®3, please contact Mr. Roland Harkenbusch:

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Roland Harkenbusch
Condensator Dominit GmbH
An der Bremecke 8
59929 Brilon
Tel: 02961 782 0
E-Mail: roland.harkenbusch(at)dominit.eu