Voltage controlled harmonic Filter with intelligent Adaptation

SΦFIA® raises the bar in voltage controlled harmonic filtering. With a rising number of controlled loads, such as frequency converters or switch-mode power supplies, the number of loads with non-linear U-I-characteristic rises. This affects the electrical power supply grids in a way, as if they are a current source, which injects integer multiples of the fundamental current. These currents are named harmonics.

In the first instance harmonic currents stress the grid above the technically necessary level thus, that circuit breakers, transformers, transmission lines and o on must carry higher currents. Secondary the harmonic currents cause a distortion of the grid voltage. These currents with higher frequency feed against the grid impedance and thus cause distortion of the grid voltage. Furthermore resonances and effects from switching mode frequencies cause a deviation from the ideal voltage waveform.




Rated voltage3x 400 V / 50 Hz
Filter current/-frequency180 A / 350 Hz
No load current51 ... 55 A (cap.)
Capacitor dimensioning> 900 V
Losses< 1200 W
No load losses160 W
Ambient temperature-5/+40°C, 24 hour average ≤ 35°C
Degree of protectionIP42
Dimensions(WxDxH)800 x 600 x 2060 mm
Weight(app.)385 kg
Cable infeedfrom bottom
ConnectionsL1, L2, L3 and PE
HRC Output (on site)3x 250 A gG
Connection cross-section3x 120/70 mm(NYY) or 3 x 120 mm+ 1x 70 mm2(NSHXAFö)

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