The first cut of the spade for the building of the company Condesator Dominit in Brilon-Wald is done. The plans are something special for the village. 

It is a big thing for the people of Brilon-Wald, Christian Dresel and his employees. The Entrepreneur from Brilon and manager of the Condensator Dominit GmbH will break the ground for the expansion of his company on the areas in Brilon-Wald whith have lain dormant for many years. Everyone came. Salads have been made. The beer is flowing and the locals toast with champagne or orange juice. „To the past here", says one „No, to the future!", the other. 

Students of the Gymnasium Petrinum have decorated the concrete block, Photo: Jana Naima Fischer
„Like some of the projects in the company's history this day begins with an error" - Christian Dresel, entrepreneur and manager, a beer in his hand.

The big check for the teenagers of the Gymnasium Petrinum, who have decorated the concrete block, still lies on his kitchen table. The school will recieve a total of 1000 Euros. „This project has given me back a lot of face in the youth and I hope you will use the money to realy enjoy yourselfs at your graduation party. Up until tuesday I don't wan't to see anyone sober. I am realy jealous!"

Christian Dresel raises his glas. For him it is a moment to celebrate. As long as two years ago there have been talks with the town to buy the area for his company. now it is time, the applications are pending. Building is set to start in fall, the employees are to move in next year.

”For years this area has been a problem child!“ - Christof Bartsch, Mayor

For more than a decade nothing happened on the former Chemviron area. Till Christian Dresel knocked on the mayors door. „With that he really charged an open door“, says the „Ein Impuls für die Zukunft von Brilon-Wald.“


”A poster entrepreneur becomes visible“- Oliver Dülme, BWT

So far the location of the company is relativly hidden in the Bremecketal „Now a minimum of 100 cars drive by here in Brilon-Wald - Condensator Dominit finally becomes visible“, explains Oliver Dülme and praises the numerous specialists, that are employed in the company. 

”Brilon-Wald broke apart for us 22 years ago. Now something special happens. Welcome.“ - Ariane Drilling, local mayor.

Source: https://www.wp.de/staedte/altkreis-brilon/fuer-brilon-wald-geht-es-in-eine-neue-zukunft-id211088547.html