КLARA - the queen of the compensation systems - Premium reactive power compensation

KLARA product range, consisting of automatically controlled low-voltage reactive power compensating system, are available in three different categories:

During the times of increasing energy efficiency of electrical power systems, there are still large number of inductive loads connected to the system. Eventually, these elements consume more reactive power which would result in overloading the system and the connected transmission network, causing further power losses. 

  • KLARA-S with wall attached housing for low power requirements

  • KLARA-M with compact standalone cabinet for medium voltage requirements

  • KLARA-I with RITTAL TS8 control cabinet for applications requiring high performance

This product range is designed per EN/IEC 61439-1 and are suitable for electrical networks with harmonic levels as per IEC 61000-2-4 Class2 at 100% duty cycle. The controller designed to compensate reactive power is capable of 4-Quadrant operations. The system design also includes an interface capability into upstream system integration. The fuses are connected via NH Fuse Switch Disconnector having fuse monitoring capability. The power capacitors are protected with leading edge resistors. The power capacitors used are high-quality CLMD dry capacitors with patented IPE Winding protection, which are basically designed for rugged applications like 400V system being used for system level of 525V.



Netznennspannung400 V / 525 V / 690 V *
Netznennfrequenz50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 5 %
Anschluss3P + N + PE oder 3P + PEN
KompensationsleistungKLARA-S: 15…50 kvar*
 KLARA-M: 70…150 kvar*
 KLARA-I: 125…600 kvar*
Alarmmeldung1 Relaisausgang „Sammelstörung“
Umgebungsbedingungen-5 °C bis +40 °C, 95 % rel. Luftfeuchte, nicht kondensierend, Aufstellhöhe bis 1.000 m über dem Meeresspiegel
MesswerterfassungSpannungsmessung intern, Strommessung über bauseitige Stromwandler
Stromwandler (bauseits)1 Stromwandler Klasse 1 oder besser, 5A oder 1A
LackierungLichtgrau RAL 7035, robuste Pulverbeschichtung*
SchutzartIP 20/ IP21 für Innenraumaufstellung, andere auf Anfrage
AusführungKLARA-S: Wandschrank, Einspeisung von oben
 KLARA-M: (kleiner Standschrank, Einspeisung von unten
 KLARA-I: Rittal TS8-Schaltschrank, Einspeisung von unten*
 (ohne Sockel*)
Kühlungnatürliche Kühlung ohne Lüfter (KLARA-M > 70 kvar mit thermostatgesteuerten Lüftern)
Abmessungen (B x T x H)KLARA-S: 600 x 300 x 850 mm
 KLARA-M: 600 x 426 x 1678 mm
 KLARA-I: 800/1600 x 600 x 2100 mm
StufenleistungenKLARA-S: 5 kvar / 10 kvar*
 KLARA-M: 6,25 kvar / 12,5 kvar / 25 kvar*
 KLARA-I: 12,5 kvar / 25 kvar / 50 kvar*
*andere auf Anfrage 

If you have questions about the KLARA product family, please contact Mr. Jürgen Reese:

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