SIMΩN®, the latest innovation from Condensator Dominit GmbH, sets new standards for ensuring power supply quality. The active rectifier in module design relies on a modern and low-loss semiconductor technology based on silicon carbide (SiC).

The SIMΩN® product combines the two functions:
1. insertion of attenuation into electrical power supply networks for broadband reduction of interference levels.
2. reactive current compensation (capacitive and inductive) in a low-loss and highly dynamic manner.

SIMΩN® is primarily used when broadband filtering over a wide frequency range is required.

Energy recycling:
Outstanding feature of the patended SIMΩN® filter system is that – demonstrably– the filtered harmonics are recyceld and fed back locally as 50 Hz active power.

Animation movie SIMΩN®:
https://YouTube.com/SIMΩN® animated



Nominal line voltage 400 V
Nominal line frequency 50 Hz
Filter current 120 A
Apparent power 82, 8 kVA
clock frequency 20 kHZ
system losses 1.2 kW
efficiency 98, 55 %
Technology 2-level SiC
Dimensions (W x D x H) 226 x 475 x 1. 495 mm
Weight 150 kg

If you have questions about the product SIMΩN®, please contact Ms. Katharina Figge:

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