THYRA - Thyristor Switched Control (CLMQ-II)

The Thyristor Switched Control (TSC) systems is a dynamic compensation system which proves itself highly effective especially for the network suffering from fast changing loads. Voltage fluctuations as well as Flicker phenomena are consequences which arises from the operation of fast changing loads that too with a network having less short circuit power.

The Thyra can reduce voltage dips due to its response time in millisecond range and therefore guarantees the trouble-free operation in weak networks for consumers like welding machines, crane systems, hydraulic press, saw cutters, shredders. The TSC systems, therefore, achieves an economic utilization of load.

The THYRA is designed as a modular cabinet system. Each module consists of a spate supply, power capacitors, upstream choke coils and Dynaswitch, the thyristor switch consisting of all the function units required for the control. The microprocessor controlled RVT-D controller is required only once for all the connected modules connected by means of plug-in system. Switching operations are carried out with respect to the change in supply voltage and capacitor voltage and are therefore transient-free. Capacitors and choke coils are designed as per the power level and noise frequencies. The modular design of the system allows easy expansion of the overall system within the assembly unit.


Dynamic switching with higher switching frequencies

  • Extremely long lifetime

  • No wear and tear due to absence of any mechanical component

  • The THYRA switches without transients and without switching noise, i.e. electromagnetic emissions are not triggered due to thyristor switching

  • Data logging through current measurement. Direct control also possible via an external trigger signal. For example – a welding machine

  • Uniform design makes it ready-to-connect modular cabinet system

  • Filter choke circuit as per power level with TF-blocking capability

  • Larger connection compartment with cable connection from below

  • Dry capacitors ensure leak-proof operation and environment friendly

  • Self-healing capacitors with patented coil protection



Power range 90 to 400 kvar, expandable
Rated line voltage 400 V, 525 V, 690 V
Choking 7 %, 12.5 %, 14 %
Protection class IP 20
*others on request 

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