The ECOMP product series is a metal-enclosed, shockproof control cabinet system for compensation and filter applications up to maximum grid nominal voltage of 15 kV.

Typical applications of this type of system are in electrical operating facilities. Generally, the ECOMP system is available in three versions: ECOMP-F as fixed step with external actuation without own switching device, ECOMP-E as externally controlled unit with integrated contactor, and ECOMP-A as automatically controlled system with integrated control and monitoring functions.

In addition, the following standard reactor versions are available with reactors type: LINR inrush current limiting reactor), 7 % (189 Hz) or the application as filter for several harmonics.

In addition to the standard solutions, the ECOMP system is ideal for customized projects and modifications.

Design Versions

ECOMP-F, equipped with:

  • HRC fuses, incl. fuse monitoring
  • 1 set of LINR or filter circuit reactors
  • Position indicator for up-line  power circuit breaker / grounding switch
  • Discharge time monitoring
  • Indicator light - system ready
  • Indicator light – discharge time running
  • Indicator light - Fault
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Mimic on the front
  • Door monitoring
  • Separate low voltage compartment

ECOMP-E, same as ECOMP-F:

  • + Vacuum contactor
  • + Switching monitoring

ECOMP-A, same as ECOMP-E:

  • + Reactive power controller
  • + Central control in the incoming feeder unit
  • + Optional DMC controller
Operating voltage 1 kV - 15 kV*
Control voltage 230 VAC / 220 VDC *
Nominal frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Insulation level20 / 60 kV
 28 / 75 kV
 38 / 95 kV
Nominal power 50 kvar - 2500 kvar* each step
As filter application bis max. 230 Arms each step
Capacitor typesB-Serie (B01-B03)
 (3-phase capacitors + pressure switch)
 C-Serie (C03)
 (capacitors with 2 power sections + unbalance monitoring)
 E-/G-Serie (E03, E06, G06)
 (single-phase capacitor + unbalance monitoring)
Design versions-F (fixed step)
 -E (with contactor for external actuation)
 -A (system with automatic control)
Tuned frequency189 Hz (7 %)*
 Filter application
 LINR inrush current limiting reactor
Protection IP21 - IP4xD*
Ambient temperature 0 °C to 35 °C*
Installation site Indoor
Altitude < 1000 above sea level
Impregnating material Faradol / Jarylec
Norm IEC 60871-1 / IEC 60071 / IEC 60282-1 / VDE 101
Commodity code
Finish RAL 7035
Dimensions (W x D x H)Capacitor unit: 1000 x 1200 x 2054 mm
OptionalBase 100/200 mm, door lock with discharge time monitoring, discharge voltage transformer, phase current transformer, heating, ventilation,
grounding switch, power circuit breaker, definite-time overcurrent-time protection, etc.

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