The inductive compensation system of the INКA series are the extension of classical reactive power compensation systems into the inductive band to compensate equipment with capacitive characteristic.

The losses of an inductive compensation (shunt-reactor) are slightly higher, than the losses of a capacitive step. The losses as well as the bigger size and weight of the reactors determine the possible execution of the cubicles.
There are four general variants foreseen. The basic execution is in IP20 for indoor erection in a locked electrical area with natural air cooling. Alternatively there is an indoor version in IP42 with thermoswitch controlled fans. For outdoor erection there is a cost effective version in IP32 with natural air cooling. This version must be protected against weather (especially rain) and direct sun radiation. Furthermore there is the execution inside an IP54 outdoor enclosure with climate control unit. This execution should as well be placed weather protected similar to the IP32 execution.

Particularly in no-load condition output filters of converters and cable networks can be significantly capacitive. In a solar parc this can sum up to several 100 kvar capacitive load. This capacitive characteristic is not welcome to the grid operators and might lead to high costs for reactive energy. This capacitive power is usually nearly constant, therefore it is in most cases not necessary, to install a controlled compensation, a cost effective switchable fixed step is sufficient. It is off course possible to furnish one or more fixed steps with a controller, which switches on and off steps according to the actual reactive power demand.

400 V / 50 Hz INКA-I-400/50-

Module-50-50 + 50-100-50 + 100-200
Power50 kvar100 kvar100 kvar150 kvar200 kvar
Internal fuses80 A80 + 80 A160 A80 + 160 A315 A
External fuses125 A200 A250 A315 A500 A
connection3x50/25 mm3x95/50 mm3x120/70 mm3x185/95 mm2 II 3x120/70 mm
Losses900 W1800 W1600 W2500 W2400 W

480 V / 50 Hz INКA-I-480/50-

Module-50-50 + 50-100-50 + 100-200
Power50 kvar100 kvar100 kvar150 kvar200 kvar
Internal fuses63 A63 + 63 A125 A63 + 125 A250 A
External fuses100 A160 A200 A250 A400 A
Connection3x35/16 mm3x70/35 mm3x95/50 mm3x120/70 mm2 II 3x95/50 mm
Losses900 W1800 W1600 W2500 W2400 W

690 V / 50 Hz INКA-I-690/50-

Modue-50-50 + 50-100-50 + 100-200
Power50 kvar100 kvar100 kvar150 kvar200 kvar
Internal fuses63 A63 + 63 A100 A63 + 100 A200 A
External fuses100 A160 A160 A200 A315 A
Connection3x35/16 mm3x70/35 mm3x70/35 mm3x95/50 mm2 II 3x185/95 mm
Losses900 W1800 W1550 W2450 W2400 W

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