About us

Condensator Dominit – Your Specialist in terms of Grid Quality

We are a medium-sized internationally active company in the field of electric energy supply quality. The technology in electric distribution grids has always been very diverse. Plants, equipment and parts of many decades are mixed with new state-of-the-art components.

It is not only needed to secure the general availability of electricity in sufficient quantities, but also in sufficient quality. Even a seemingly simple product like voltage has quality criteria which are not ensured to be met if every part of the energy distribution and every consumer has been build according to standards.

A not sufficient voltage quality leads to expensive production losses and warranty forfeitures of the machines and equipement installed in the production.

The company Condensator Dominit GmbH has, as the only company on the market, a completely structurised solution and product range to ensure and optimise your voltage quality and counteract commutation notches, resonances, frequencies, reactive currents, voltage fluctuations and other harmonic - so to say dissonant - voltage distortions.

The company Condensator Dominit with its succesful and innovative engineer and creative team around Dr. Christian Dresel (doctor of quantum physics and managing director) actually comes from the field of the manufacturing of classic compensation plants and over the years managed to make himself a name e.g. in clean implementation of modern regenerative electricity generators like air, wind and water energy.

You have a problem with energy supply?

Your machines don't work as expected?

Your electricity grid suffers under voltage dips?

„Something is strange in your grid?“

We have the solution to bring it under control. We promise!

Experience, high ecological and economical demands, founded consultation and a holistic are our passion.

All of that and a lot are „We about us“:

The Condensator Dominit GmbH.

Your Dr. Christian Dresel


From Dominit to Dominit - over 70 years of experience

  • 1950

    Dominit Works

    Market innovation from Brilon: First power factor correction system
    Market launch: first HV filter circuit system

  • 1973

    Lepper Dominit, later ASEA-Lepper, from 1982 ASEA capacitors

    First controlled NS filter circuit

  • 1988

    ABB capacitors

    Market launch: COMFIL
    combi-filter system
    Market launch: dynamic compensation DYNACOMP
    Market launch: flicker compensation ALFC
    Market launch: active harmonic filter PQF
    Market launch: encapsulated HS system with stray light bogey test SCOMP

  • 2002

    ABB switchgear technology

    Market innovation: broadband filter UBF

  • 2005

    Condensator Dominit GmbH with new managing director Dr. C. rer. nat. Dresel

  • 2008

    Market launch:

    dynamic compensation, special design for switching delays of 20 ms: THYRA

  • 2009

    Market launch:

    AVC for voltage stabilization

  • 2010

    Market launch:

    Medium voltage fixed motor compensation, outdoor installation MIKA LBANK

  • 2014

    Development and market launch of the OSKαR® active voltage stabilizer

    Online S voltageK correction with adaptive R control: OSKαR®.

  • 2015

    Development and launch of the

    voltage-controlled harmonic filter with intelligent matching: SOFIA®

    First time exhibitor at HANNOVER MESSE ... The world's leading trade fair for industry

    November 2015: Founding company: Dominit Industrial Power Systems

  • 2016

    Start of project SIMΩN® - Simulation of OHM Networks

    Project funding by the European Union and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

  • 2017

    Planning of a new company headquarter in Brilon-Wald


  • 2018

    Expansion of the SOFIA® product portfolio to include SOFIA® in modular design: SOFIA®mod


  • 2018

    Damping higher frequency harmonics and resonances with our new product: RESI

    Standard portfolio includes control cabinet - and modular design


  • 2019

    New building of the new premises at the vinegar tower in Brilon-Wald


  • 2019

    Chamber of Commerce and Industry World Market Leader Award:

    Hidden Champion in active voltage stabilization and harmonic filters in industrial production processes


  • 2020

    Move to the new premises at the vinegar tower in Brilon-Wald


  • 2021

    Expansion of the new company headquarters to include a logistic area



  • 2021

    Market introduction of the patented SIMΩN® voltage-based active filter,

    A modular rectifier based on silicon carbide semiconductor technology



    1. Low-loss attenuation of resonance and high-frequency voltage distortions

    2. High dynamic capacitive and inductive reactive power compensation

    Energy recycling: the filtered harmonics are locally fed back into the grid