Condensator Dominit

Our holistic After-Sales-Service

Consulting & Planning

The only question that arises with the planning service is:


We plan for you or we plan with you?


We plan for you: With our experience and technical resources, we plan and implement a complete voltage-optimising system solution for you. Regardless of the required power range.


We plan with you: Problems often only arise when a company is already fully operational. With our advice, we set the course correctly for your trouble-free network at an early stage. 

Grid simulation

Our voltage-optimising after-sales service naturally also includes the complex topic of simulating industrial and distribution grids (LV, HV).

  • Simulation of complete high-, medium- and low-voltage networks
  • Load flow calculations
  • Short-circuit calculations
  • Analyses of harmonics with harmonic load flow
  • Calculation of mains impedance (e.g. to determine resonance points)
  • Dynamic simulations in the time domain (EMT) to display the curve shape of voltage u(t) and current i(t), e.g. during switching processes or load jumps.

This makes it possible to identify potential power quality problems and production failure risks in advance or during the project planning phase and to react to them in a targeted manner in good time. For example, it is possible to detect at an early stage whether a transformer for supplying a network has been dimensioned too small or too large in advance – with regard to the nominal power. The same applies, of course, to generators. Furthermore, the effect of filter measures can be calculated and assessed in detail when it comes to creating standard-compliant network conditions or generally dampening interference potentials.
From the results obtained, we develop a customised and target-oriented solution approach for you.
Your advantage: Even before a new production (line) starts, you get an overview of the voltage conditions and find out whether filter technology may be required for safe and reliable operation.

Voltage analysis

In the voltage analysis, we check the different types of voltage distortions in addition to the temporal course of active, reactive and apparent power.


Deviations in the effective voltage are precisely assessed with regard to flicker levels and voltage unbalances.


After completion of the measurement, you will receive an informative report containing the following information:


  • All measured quantities as a diagram or table
  • Summary of the measurement results
  • Recommendation for further measures


Our all-round carefree package also includes the complete transport and installation of your system.


Our installation team brings in the complete system and integrates it into your new or existing power supply.


In addition, we offer the worldwide service of installation supervision. For installation, commissioning and final measurement, we also provide you with our SCC-certified specialist personnel. 

Putting into operation

The aim is to build our plants in such a way that a qualified specialist can commission them without factory personnel. Nevertheless, commissioning can also be carried out by our trained specialist personnel. This includes the following points:

  • Connection and inspection of the installed system
  • Adjustment of the control and measuring equipment
  • Function and safety test
  • Creation of a commissioning report
  • Short analysis on customer request
  • Customer training


The repair serves to restore the nominal condition and ensures further operational safety and function. Before carrying out a repair, an inspection is recommended to determine the scope of the repair measure.

The repair service includes:

  • Replacement of defective components as agreed
  • Creation and handover of the inspection service protocol
  • Recommissioning of the replaced parts and units
  • Visual proof by means of an inspection seal affixed to the outside.

Maintenance contract

Benefit from our most important component in the area of after-sales service. The conclusion of a maintenance contract to enable a regular inspection of your low-, medium- or high-voltage system by our SCC*-certified specialist personnel. Your profit:
  • the inspections according to the prescribed intervals are automatically initiated by us; our service team will contact you in good time to schedule the exact date.
    We recommend a qualified inspection of our systems no longer than two years after commissioning, and thereafter at annual intervals.
  • regular inspections of your plant will reduce unnecessary repair costs exorbitantly
  • less secondary damage due to regular inspection of the system components and condensers
  • less downtime and longer service life
  • Costs for fire insurances can be reduced – by proof of inspection contracts (some insurances even prescribe the conclusion of these contracts); exact information can be obtained from your insurer.
  • Increasing reactive current costs due to unwanted technical faults and plant downtimes are avoided
  • Your company (or cost centre) receives a 5% discount on all spare parts costs incurred

Our inspection service can include the following, depending on customer requirements:

  • Checking the contactor function
  • Capacitance measurement of the individual power capacitors with measuring bridge
  • High voltage insulation test e.g. 2.5 kV at 400 V mains voltage
  • thermographic check (after at least one hour of operation)
  • Testing of the unloading equipment
  • Checking all controller functions and programming
  • Checking of all screw connections and electrical contacts
  • Checking and cleaning the air supply lines
  • General basic cleaning of the compensation or filter system
  • Creation of a service protocol per system cabinet
  • optionally a short term stress analysis of the new ACTUAL state

All further questions and appointments
you will receive through our competent service consultation: