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Product overview

Our PowerQuality product portfolio: Innovative, standardised and structured

With the help of our Power Quality Toolbox, the respective solution is assigned to each voltage phenomenon (defined in IEC 61000-2-4) on the basis of our product portfolio. For more information on the individual voltage phenomena according to IEC 61000-2-4, click here. 

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Condition voltage

Our LV/HV line voltage regulator solutions to optimally protect your sensitive industrial processes against any internal or external voltage fluctuation. One of our fields in which we are proven hidden champions: ‘World market leader in active voltage stabilization in industrial production processes’.

Filtering harmonics

Unbeatable patented LV/MV filter circuit solutions against harmonic voltage distortion, directly from the world leader in ‘harmonic filters in industrial production processes’.
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Filtering supra-harmonics, Damping resonances

Optimal LV/HV filter circuit solutions for your network: Resonant, broadband as well as hybrid filters to effectively counteract the supra-harmonic and resonance-critical voltage distortions in your network – with the necessary resistance.

Compensate reactive power

70 years of experience and expertise in the compensation of reactive power at the low, medium and high voltage level. Large standard product portfolio (capacitive as well as inductive), manufacturer-neutral spare parts service, reactive power controllers, standard and individually designed capacitors.