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Here you can get a quick overview of our SIMΩN® product range and further related power quality information:

GridClass®-Mod-Technology – Optimal for switchgear manufacturers: We supply only the filter or compensation module and the installation work or added value remains with the switchgear manufacturer



Introduction: Theoretically, AC voltage from the mains has a perfect sine wave. In practice, real loads cause deviations, called harmonic voltage distortions (harmonics), whose frequency are integer multiples of the fundamental frequency. In combination with the higher-frequency voltage distortions (supra-harmonics) that have been immensely stressing our grid in recent years, this can lead to an electrical super-disaster. The problem is that every self-controlled power converter installed in the grid feeds clock frequencies of its installed power electronics into the grid as supra-harmonic disturbances. In order to detect and stop this impending and unpredictable “grid infarction” at an early stage, the grid must be damped by an additionally introduced ohmic resistor, because the immensely increasing proportion of non-ohmic consumers in our grids also leads to increasingly pronounced interactions. Our broadband filter technology SIMΩN® provides a remedy here.
Features: SIMΩN® is one of the latest products from Condensator Dominit and sets new standards in power supply quality. At the heart of the active, modular rectifier is a modern and low-loss semiconductor technology based on silicon carbide (SiC).
The SIMΩN® product integrates the following two functions
1. damping of power supply networks for broadband reduction of interference levels 2. low-loss and highly dynamic reactive current compensation (capacitive and inductive).
SIMΩN® is primarily used when broadband filtering over a wide frequency range is required. The SIMΩN® active rectifier simulates the behaviour of a resistor for all frequencies except the fundamental. This patented control method introduces damping into the power system and can thus eliminate resonances and reduce voltage levels over a broad band. Compared to a real resistor, SIMΩN® does not convert the absorbed active power into dissipated power – i.e. heat. Instead, it is extracted from the harmonics and fed back into the network node in the form of fundamental active power. The patented control method thus causes a local energy recycling directly at the grid node.