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Here you will find the necessary insights into our OSKAR® product range and further related power quality information:


OSKαR® – Online voltage correction
with adaptive control

Introduction: Voltage dips are the main cause for unplanned production downtimes, but unfortunately not completely avoidable. Although the network operator must guarantee a 10-minute average value, even commercially available contactors can enter an undefined state after just one network period (20 ms) if the residual voltage is less than 80%. Components react even more sensitively. In principle, UPS systems can also compensate for such disturbances. However, such systems are not able to cope with a large load, such as a motor with a high starting current, or when operating sensitive consumers, the use of a UPS – due to the high investment and maintenance costs – is not economical. UPS systems are intended for other tasks. For all automated processes, such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical medicine manufacturing, industrial bottle filling, etc., our OSKαR® is the best solution to protect the company network from voltage drops.
Feature: OSKαR® is an active three-phase line voltage regulator with advanced power electronics. It keeps the magnitude and phase of the mains voltage continuously and highly dynamically at the setpoint; typical voltage dips are simply cycled through. The system can be scaled for any power requirement via the number of modules. The efficiency is around 98.5 %.
Installation is completely trouble-free: OSKαR® is simply connected in series between the supply transformer and the equipment. Normally, no further changes or adjustments are required. In particular, the fuse protection can be maintained, since the short-circuit current is only slightly affected by the installation. In case of emergency, short-circuit currents are safely routed via a multiple-redundant bypass system so that the customer’s protective devices trip reliably. OSKαR® itself is designed to cope with such events without any problems.