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Here you will find the necessary insights into our current-guided active filters MiA® and further related power quality information:

GridClass®-Mod-Technology – Optimal for switchgear manufacturers: We supply purely the filter or compensation module and the installation work or added value remains with the switchgear manufacturer


MιA® – Modular intelligent active filters

The MιA® modules of Condensator Dominit GmbH are current-controlled active filters with maximum performance at minimum losses.
Power-controlled loads such as frequency converter-driven motors or energy-saving lights are an essential part of our energy transition. At the same time, these loads with non-linear U-I characteristics cause alarming network feedback effects due to harmonic currents.
Active filters serve to reduce harmonic currents, provide reactive power, minimize flicker and balance load currents. These measures are required wherever networks are in a non-standard state due to network perturbations. EN 50160 describes the phenomena mentioned and defines the permissible compatibility levels for public networks in low/medium and high-voltage networks. The compatibility levels specified there are the basis for the fault-free and long-term operation of loads in public networks. EN 61000-2-4 describes the compatibility levels in industrial networks in parallel. In EMC class 2, this standard conforms to EN 50160. Consumers for public networks may therefore also be operated in industrial networks of class 2.
If normative compatibility levels are exceeded, failures of production-relevant machines as well as systems and controls may occur. Suppliers are free from any guarantee, warranty or recourse services if the compatibility levels are exceeded. MιA® realizes the required standard conformity of your network and thus prevents disturbances, failures or a loss of warranty and guarantee claims.  

Secure your network with MιA®!