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Here you will find the necessary insights into our MIKA product group and further related power quality information:


MIКA – Medium voltage compensation and filter circuit systems

The MIKA product family from Condensator Dominit GmbH stands for sophisticated concepts for compensation and filtering of medium and high voltage networks.

Large industrial plants, regenerative energy producers, distribution grids and many other operators of medium-voltage systems face the challenge of keeping their grid connection compliant with standards/specifications vis-à-vis the energy supplier. This often requires the combination of capacitive and inductive components to form an effective filter concept.

With the products of the MIKA series, we provide the right solution for every task. Both for standard products and for turnkey overall concepts and the associated customer service, we have been your first point of contact in the 1,000 volt range since 1975. Worldwide references and a large number of satisfied customers prove our high quality and reliability.