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Classic – Classic reactive power compensation
with the associated equipment

Introduction: In order for current to flow at all in the alternating current network, a magnetic field must be built up and reduced 50 times per second. Because the power used to build up a field is returned to the grid when it is removed, this power is called reactive power. It does not perform any useful work, but is required to build up the voltage.

In principle, the grids must be dimensioned in such a way that they can transport the oscillating reactive power in addition to the active power. As the amount of reactive power in the grid increases, the remaining capacity for active power decreases. Less power in the form of electrical charge can therefore be transported.

The challenge for the grid operator is to keep the reactive power at the right level: If it is too low, the voltage drops and the current flow is disrupted. If it is too high, less (usable) active power can be transported across the grid. This service of providing and regulating the required reactive power, as well as the resulting power loss, is of course paid for by you, the customer, in the form of reactive power costs on the monthly bill. This can cost an industrial company with high energy consumption several thousand euros per month. In order to keep these costs as low as possible for an industrial company, these are reduced to a minimum – by installing a classic Dominit reactive power compensation system in their industrial network.

Function: Through the electrical combination of capacitors (capacities), chokes (inductances) and an intelligent circuit, it is possible to reduce the reactive power costs incurred to 0 EUR. Furthermore, your power grid is relieved immensely, which has a positive effect on the loads in the grid. Due to the many positive side effects of installing a compensation system, such as stabilizing the in-house energy supply, improving power quality and reducing CO2 emissions, projects for the commissioning of these systems have been financially supported since the beginning of 2021 by an investment grant from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).